Speech of Veolia female engineers in China

Published on April 20, 2018

Several women engineers from Veolia China are sharing their experience.
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PENG Sanchun, Chemical Engineer

REN Yuan, Project Manager

CHEN Haijuan, EHS Manager

DING Puxia, EHS Manager

NIU Na, Technical Supervisor

YANG Hong, Control System Engineer

ZHENG Zhiying, Chemical Maintenance Engineer

GERENTET Danielle, Technical and Performance Director

HU Chunjiao, Technical Manager JAC project

LIU Jianyun, Lab Supervisor

MAO Yujie, Incineration Supervisor

HUA Rong, Piant Manager

JIN Lan, HR Manager

ZENG Yanian, DGM Finance

VAUDRY Nolwenn, Process Manager

YANG Phoebe, Project Manager

SUN Haoyu, Production Manager

GUO Jiao, Vice Network Manager

YIN Xueqing, Project Validation Manager

XIONG Ye, Manager of Drinking Water Production Dpt

SUN Fenglian, Process Engineer