Frequently Asked Questions

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The Girls on the Move Initiative

Why March 8th?

March 8th is International Women’s Day, during which many events are organized all over the world concerning gender equality. Elles bougent and its partners are taking this opportunity to raise awareness about young women’s choices of study, and their career paths in relation to gender diversity.

What kind of actions will be organized?

- Visits of industrial companies, R&D centers, etc. guided by female engineers and technicians,
- Forums with different companies in secondary schools or higher educational institutions,
- Testimonials and round-table discussions by female engineers and technicians in secondary schools (in French schools abroad** or local schools),
- Informal and casual meetings for female engineers and technicians, such as networking luncheons, Happy Hour meetings,
- And other original ideas, like “speed dating” among female students and engineers…

The organization

What is Elles bougent?

Elles bougent is a French organization that was founded in 2005. With a network of 285 partners (companies and institutions of higher education), it organizes more than 500 actions per year in France with the help of its 7770 female mentors, female engineers and technicians in sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Automobile, Construction, Energy, Environment and the digital sector. Today, Elles bougent wishes to share its know-how with other countries that are facing the same challenges of gender diversity in Industry and Technology.

How to attract more women to scientific and technical post-secondary education?

Elles bougent is convinced of its crucial role in bringing together female engineering professionals and female students to inspire the latter to pursue careers in Engineering. Professionals who are passionate about their work share their stories, challenges, successes and exemplary practices. They all have rich and varied backgrounds that can inspire young women and give them ideas and reduce their potential apprehension.

Why the pink scarf?

From the very beginning, the pink scarf has been the distinctive element that identifies Elles bougent mentors. The organization deliberately chose to challenge preconceived notions by adopting an attractive color to prove that femininity and engineering careers are compatible. The organization wishes to steer away from the traditional image of female engineers. For example, hard hats are not representative of a typical day at work, and create a negative perception in the minds of teenage girls.

The “Marraines”

What is a “Girls on the Move Marraine” (female mentor)?

Our mentors are all female engineers, technicians or post-secondary students coming from our partner companies, engineering schools and universities. Almost 3,000 “Marraines” (female mentors) are enrolled as volunteers in France!

What is your role as a “Marraine” (female mentor)?

- Talking about your career and training young women, sharing your experience, and challenging stereotypes within technical and scientific professions,
- Empowering young women and encouraging them to be ambitious,
- Encouraging scientific and technical vocations among them.

The « relai »

What is the

Within Elles bougent, we find engineer, technicians, humans resources manager of our partners who want to discover science and technical carreers to young girls and offer it’s expertise.

What is your role as a

Like the female mentor, the « relai » Elles bougent are dedicated to inform, testify and talk about their lives, and work experience to the young girls. This is for the goal to deconstruct the stereotypes associated to technical job and supporting young women and inspiring them to DARE to pursue these career paths.

The « relai » try to break down misconceptions and stereotypes and to encourage more young women to embrace careers in science and engineering.

During the action in the school or events organized by Elles bougent, they hels and guide the female mentor with their experience and expertise.

They can support the events or meeting Elles bougent with assuring the organisation the visits, the welcome of young girls, mobilization and communication.