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Make your choice, be a STEM girl. Make the difference!

Cacia – 4 mars 2022
Organisé par Renault Group Portugal

Groupe Renault

Our Girls on the Move event is dedicated to young girls living the first moment of deciding on their professional future. First choice of subjects in the School orienting them to Tech studies for STEM careers

Our slogan/message :

The first day of your future ! Make the choice, be a STEM girl. Make the difference !

In Renault Group we'll visit some schools, located closed to our Plant in Cacia (Aveiro), to have meetings with girls, aged 12 to 15 years old, for experience testimonies and short talks.

Event :

Different female Renault Group employees, playing different roles in the company : Design Engineers, Workshop Managers, IT Experts, etc... will visit some schools, prioritizing schools where our employees' daughters are studying. There, in collaboration with the school staff, our Group Renault women, as role models, will share their experience

The aim is that they get to meet real STEM women, close to them, working in an automotive industry and imagine themselves doing it.

We want to give them the message : You can be one of us ! Today is the first day of your future. Make your choice, be a STEM girl. Make the difference !

Girls On the Move - Faurecia - Portugal

Pamela – 8 février 2022
Organisé par Faurecia Pamela


Girls On the Move - Faurecia - Portugal
10 mars
Ville : Palmela
Activité : visite de site puis session de témoignage sur le thème "Faurecia, a World of Opportunites - testimony of Cristela Ferreira"
10 étudiantes invitées


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