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STEM and Water Treatment

STEM and Water Treatment

Brockton – 5 March 2020
Organized by Brockton Water Treatment


To host girls from the local high school to learn about the water treatment process and its related STEM careers.

Women in Engineering Luncheon

Women in Engineering Luncheon

Canton – 3 March 2020
Organized by Society of Women Engineers, SUNY Canton


Barrett Northeast Division will be hosting a luncheon for women enrolled in engineering programs in the Township of SUNY. This opportunity will give women a chance to get involved with other women in the construction and manufacturing industries, which could open up opportunities for internships and full-time employment in the future. Luncheon including professors, students, engineers, project coordinators and human resources.

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Women in Aviation

Melbourne – 3 March 2020
Organized by ENAC Alumni


The Florida Tech chapter of Women in Aviation (WIA) is open to Florida Tech students and any women with an interest in pursuing an aviation career. The chapter holds regular meeting with featured speakers on various topics, and organizes group visits of aviation facilities such as the Kennedy Space Center or the Melbourne International Airport (MLB) ATC Tower.

The March 3 meeting will feature Marie Guittard, Senior Aviation Consultant at DY Consultants and member of ENAC Alumni USA. Marie Guittard holds two master's degrees from the National University of Civil Aviation (ENAC, France) and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).

Girls at any educational stages are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting, meet aviation professionals, learn about career opportunities in aviation, and ask questions !

Learning about STEM

Milwaukee – 6 March 2020
Organized by Jones Island Water Treatment


Partnering with local organizations to tour the water treatment facility and have one-on-one time with women who are at the forefront of their technical fields at the location

Girls on the Move - GRIT: Girls Raising Interest in Technology

Tonawanda – 5 March 2020
Organized by GRIT: Girls Raising Interest in Technology, Tonawanda Middle School


25 female students from a local middle school will come to Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. (a subsidiary of Barrett Industries) to take a tour of the facility, participate in a lab demonstration, conduct STEM experiments, and learn about the different positions in the construction and manufacturing industry.

Girls on the Move 2020: Empowering Women

Walton – 4 March 2020
Organized by Safran Landing Systems / Notre Dame Academy


The engineering and computer science students from a local high school have been invited to visit the aerospace manufacturing plant in Walton, KY. Students will spend the day with female engineers, quality lab technicians and managers. The day includes a tour of the two Safran Landing Systems plants, Wheels & Brakes and Carbon production facilities, followed by lunch and an open forum discussion. Our goal is to help break down any barriers and answer any questions they may have about pursuing their career dreams.


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