The Actions in South Africa

Transitioning to Industry after studying

Cape Town – 6 March 2020
Organized by University of Technology Western Cape and Construction Sector Training Authority


Girls on the MoSve South Africa

Date : 6 March

Target Audience

Engineering Students and Graduates

Location – Engineering Campus - University of Technology Western Cape

Main Topic

Transitioning to Industry after studying

Event Format -Workshop

Panel discussions and face-to-face networking with qualified Women Engineers.


University of Technology Western Cape Speaker, qualified mentors from the Engineering Council South Africa, Colas female Engineers/Candidate Engineers and Construction Sector Training Authority Manager – Western Cape Branch Manager


The transition from being a student to a young professional is a stressful one which most, if not all students go through at some stage. Without engineering skills there will be no provision for water, housing and road services but absolute poverty, inequality and unemployment will prevail.


· Is to help, advise and possibly foster mentorship between participants and panellists in industry to help make the transition a smooth one

· Panel discussion seeks to provide assistance and guidance to the next generation of Young Women Professionals

· Promote gender equality with Women in Engineering

· Empower Young Women Professionals with best leadership-experience embracing objectivity, professionalism and promotion of engineering principle

We are excited to be hosting our first STEM Women event !


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