The Actions in Senegal

Femmes scientifiques, 3 parcours de réussite

Dakar – 4 March 2020
Organized by Lycée français Jean-Mermoz

Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (AEFE)

Trois femmes scientifiques présenteront leur métier à des jeunes filles en classe de 2nde. Cette présentation sera suivie d'un échange/débat sur la sous-représentation des femmes dans les métiers de l'industrie, sur les stéréotypes et sur l'intérêt pour ces jeunes femmes d'étudier les sciences et exercer dans les domaines scientifiques et techniques.

Le débat sera alimenté par l'exposition « Les découvreuses anonymes » élaborée par les associations Wax Science et Animafac.

Public : environ 20 lycéennes de classe de 2nde.


Dakar – 8 March 2020
Organized by Bel-Air, Route des Hydrocarbures, next to ISRA, BP 1386 CP 18524, Dakar

We plan to organize an afternoon of exchange with the girls of a high school and different horizons on the theme ;


IT has invaded all sectors of activity and its applications are constantly evolving. Big data and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, virtual reality, embedded systems, create new possibilities in many fields (transport, health, industrial production, finance, marketing, multimedia ...A dynamic very favorable to employment. women play an important role

Booming IT Jobs In a sector that is constantly innovating,

IT professionals are sought after by digital service companies, software publishers, banks, industrial and commercial companies and administrations. Not to mention the growing start-ups in mobile applications, connected objects, e-commerce, big data and artificial intelligence. In this very open market, software developers and engineers are at the top of the most coveted profiles. The needs are also important for the systems and networks, technical sales and IT security. Therefore, we propose to organize this afternoon of training-awareness of TRADES AND JOBS IN COMPUTERS AND NETWORKS


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