Round table and improvisational performance: Girl enpowerment in the infrastructure sector

Giradot (Colombia) - Organized by Institución Educativa (I.E.) Fundadores Ramón Buenos y José Triana, I.E. Nuevo Horizonte, I.E. Departamental la Esmeralda and I.E. Panamericana

VÍA 40 EXPRESS, subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, operates the Bogotá-Girardot highway in Colombia.

For us, it is very important the inclusion and the role of women in our practices. An example of this is that in our Concession 62% of the employees are women.

Furthermore, for us, it is key to get closer to the communities where we have an impact. Therefore, we want to organize an activity with around 200 students of 10 and 11 grades from schools in Girardot.

Our idea is to present an improvisational performance about the importance and the role of women in the infrastructure sector. In this show actors, engineers and students will participate. The objective is to motivate and inspire girls to choose engineering and science careers with humoristic sketches.

Additionally, we will have a short round table with some engineers from our client (ANI), our supervisor, the construction company and our Concession, during which the students will be able to ask any questions.

Finally, I would like to point out that these are preliminary ideas. Currently, we are organizing and talking about various possibilities with different schools.

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