The Actions in China

Girls on the Move 2020 - Cangzhou

Cangzhou, Hebei Province – 6 March 2020
Organized by We organize the event with Cangzhou Jihuan Veolia Environmental Services Co., Ltd. and Hebei Agricultural University in Cangzhou, Hebei Province


To let female students have a better understanding of Cangzhou Jihuan Veolia as well as the Hazardous Waste Treatment Industry. Hopefully we can recruit 1-2 excellent female students for our company as talent pool, meanwhile to improve gender balance of our Company.

  • Location : Cangzhou Jihuan Veolia Environmental Services Co., Ltd, Hebei Province.
  • Speaker : DONG Fang (HR Director, China Waste Activities). Mentor : CAI Ling (GM of Cangzhou Jihuan). ZHU Yan (Engineering and Technology Manager of Laogang Landfill).
  • Participants : Female students & teachers from Hebei Agriculture University.

Schedule :

  • Video presentation of Veolia ;
  • DONG Fang introduces Veolia and Hazardous Waste Treatment Business.
  • Presentation of Cangzhou Jihuan by CAI Ling ;
  • Presentation of GOM by DONG Fang ;
  • Mentors share their successful experience in their careers ;
  • O&A ;
  • Site visit ;
  • Get feedback from teachers & students.

Girls on the Move - Changzhou, Jiangsu province

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province – 6 March 2020
Organized by Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. Hehai University (Changzhou Campus)


Changzhou CGE Water Co.,Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Veolia China Access to Water and Sanitation &Energy Services to Buildings BU, with its support, we will organize GOM activity in the week of March 8, 2020 in Hehai University (Changzhou Campus) located in Changzhou City. 3 female metors from IT department, water quality detection department & water treatment plant of Changzhou CGE Water Co., Ltd will deliver and exchange their career development experiences and thoughts with the female students from Hehai University and give them the guidance and Long-term contact in the coming days. Detailed schedule and program will be discaussed and fixed with Hehai University after the winter vocation

Girls on the Move Hebei Station

Chengde city, Hebei Province – 6 March 2020
Organized by Chengde city, Hebei province. Partner name: Chengde Petroleum College


Veolia Heavy Industry China will organize a half day GOM activity in the week of March 8, 2020 in the campus. Veolia has a few on-site servive for 2 important industry clients (HBIS) and Chengde Steel Group. Chengde Petroeum College is a good local partner to work together for talent development and possible training programe if any.

Around 30 female students studying majoring in Chemical engineering this college will be invited to join the presentation and round table sharing event. 2-3 female mentors, together with the head of Heavy Industry China and HR director will join this event. They will give presentations on Veoila's Business and ambition on gender diversity.

The Mentors will share their stories and experiences, and answers the girls questions.

How can the girls work better in the field of Technology

Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province – 5 March 2020
Organized by Harbin Institute of Technology


We would like to promote and develop gender diversity in the field of industries and sciences & technology with involvement of all stakeholders. It is important to introduce Veolia's gender diversity policy and encourage girls to engage in technical work.

Our GOM activity will be organized as the following :

  1. Carry out on-site activity and publicity, introduce the activity of GOM and Veolia Company ;
  2. About 25 female students from the Building Thermal Engineering department of Harbin Institute of Technology will join the activity ;
  3. 5 female mentors will share their experiences in technical work with the girls and answer their questions ;
  4. Group discussions about female career development on the technology path will be organized and guided by Veolia's female mentors.

Girls on Move Activity in Safran Landing Systems Suzhou

Suzhou – 5 March 2020
Organized by Safran Landing Systems Suzhou/ Suzhou University


Safran Landing Systems Suzhou and Safran China Suzhou Branch plan to organize the Girls on Move activity in 2020, a roughly activity plan as below :

  • Date : to choose one day in the week of Mar. 2nd to 7th. (Mar.5.2020 is preferred currently)
  • Participants : Company Female Representatives (12 persons around)+ A group of female students from Technology or Engineering school/University. 15-20 students max. total 40 persons involved max.
  • Activity Plan :
  • Round table on the topics about women, work, family and career. (Female Managers take lead) (1 hour min)
  • Plant Tour. (1 hour min)
  • Team Building Activity (Subject TBD) (1 hour)

Build a better future with gender diversity

Zibo city, Shandong province – 4 March 2020
Organized by Shandong University of Technology


We will have Veolia contribution to environment protection in the field of biomass power plant operating efforts and operation business. The engineering process presentation on the biomass waste recycling and power plant will also be shown as well. The plant opeartion animation and site operation pictures will be presented to students so that they can have a better understanding of the whole operation view. The mentors will explain some interesting details on the differences between theory and practical work, which will expend the view of students. We will invite part of girls to be involved the organization and preparation on this initiative if possible.

The target girls are these majoring in resource recycling science and engineering and environment pollution control (more like QHSE part). They will get a bachelor degree after graduation. There will be around 40 gilrs participating in the activities.


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