The Actions in Brazil

International Women´s Day 2020 at SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES BRASIL



Our company SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES in Brazil will be hosting a technical visit in his industrial plant inviting more than 25 students (females) from engineering course and technical aeronautical course to discover the world of helicopter engines guided by our Production Manager, Mrs Cristiane MONTEIRO and our Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Mrs Vanna BRANCO. They will receive full explanation about our amazing production & repair line process and understand the importance of women position in High Technology Industry. At the end of the visit, we will have a coffee-break event to discuss around the women´s role in Aeronautical sector with all employees.

We can, we make it happens!

Salvador – 4 March 2020
Organized by CEEP Newton Sucupira - Mussurunga


WE CAN, WE MAKE IT HAPPENS ! GIRLS ON THE MOVE 2020 - Salvador Bahia Airport - Brazil

What's the idea ? Salvador Bahia Airport female workers will visit schools at Airport neighborhood to give a talk about their career choices, the possibilities and the difficulties due to be a woman working at technical and scientific jobs.

Target Public - Female students from public high schools located at Salvador Bahia Airport neighborhood.

GOALS - Disseminate - To disseminate information about technical and science careers to girls in their college choice period. Demystify - To demystify the relationships created between technical careers and female gender. Encourage - To encourage girls to choose careers in technology, engineering and science sector

TALK SCRIPT Who I am and where work ? name, formation, job, a little explanation about Salvador Bahia Airport. My profession, how and why I chose it - educational level, educational institution , main requirements, areas of expertise. What I do - activities I do, main competences and skills, importance to society. The influence of my gender on my career - difficulties, fears, overcoming, career opportunities, etc.

REMARKS - From March 2nd to March 8th. Salvador Bahia Airport professionals go to the school. The school offers the data show, notebook, and meeting room. Presentations will have 40 minutes and after there'll be 30 minutes for questions. Presentations should be objective, didactic and motivational.

Talk for students

São José - Santa Catarina – 2 March 2020
Organized by Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina

This session will offer a lecture with women professionals in the technology area, presenting their professional path, barriers faced and the motivation that made them follow so-called male careers.

The objective is to show success stories in order to motivate girls to continue in the technological areas.

Programming workshop using Micro: bit

São José - Santa Catarina – 3 March 2020
Organized by Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina

Micro : bit is an educational tool, it allows the development of applications such as robots, games and musical instruments for a small hardware platform.

Its programming can be done by block languages, such as Scratch, or by code languages, such as Python.

The objective of the workshop is to present an introduction to programming for high school girls from public schools in the region, presenting the technology area as a promising and possible career for women. According to the IBGE's National Household Sample Survey, only 20% of professionals working in the IT market are women. [1] This number does not portray the lack of education of women in relation to men, it portrays the barriers and prejudice that women must face and overcome in order to forge a promising career.

The workshop lasts 2 hours with a capacity of 12 students per class.

Conversation circles - A woman's place is where she wants it, including engineering

São José - Santa Catarina – 6 March 2020
Organized by Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina

The conversation circle will be an exchange of ideas between high school students, engineering students, teachers and professionals in the technology area. The conversation will be mediated by psychologist Karla Garcia Luiz.

The purpose of this session is to inspire young girls to follow in the myriad technological areas of engineering. Another objective is to motivate students on technological courses to continue their study. A discussion will be held on the participation of men and women in the technological labour market.


São Paulo, Florianópolis e Barueri – 2 March 2020
Organized by ETECs


Visit technical high schools and have our employees talking about technical careers and present Veolia as a great place to work.
HR will provide forms to the interested students apply for future apprentice positions.
Our target is to hire 5 new apprentices in 2020.


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