The Actions in Australia

Kurnell Desalination Plant Site Tour and Networking Lunch

Kurnell Desalination Plant Site Tour and Networking Lunch

Kurnell, Sydney, NSW – 3 March 2020


Veolia will organize a GOM event by raising the awareness of 30 young girls which will include the following activities :

- Q&A session with our female engineers and scientists

- A site tour of the Kurnell desalination plant

- A networking lunch between students and our female engineers and scientists

Approximately 30 senior students from 3 local high schools will participate in this event.

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Networking brunch at Head Office and Blacktown site visit

Northbridge, Sydney – 6 March 2020
Organized by A W Edwards Pty Limited

Bouygues Construction, WeLink

A full tour of our Head Office at Northbridge.

Introductions to all staff from the various departments including Estimating and IT followed by a networking brunch with the Executives and Directors.

Next on the agenda for the day is a bus ride to our Blacktown development for a site safety induction, an animated presentation about the details of the job and finally a site tour with our Engineers and Project Coordinators where career paths were identified, creating awareness of the opportunities within the construction industry.


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