The Actions in Australia

Kurnell Desalination Plant Site Tour and Networking Lunch

Kurnell, Sydney, NSW – 3 March 2020


Veolia will be hosting a GOM event which will include the following activities ;

- Q&A session with our female engineers and scientists

- A site tour of the Kurnell desalination plant

- A networking lunch between students and our female engineers and scientists

Approximately 30 senior students from 3 local high schools will participate in this event.

Human Resources Manager

Northbridge, Sydney – 6 March 2020
Organized by Wendi Wiliams

Bouygues Construction, WeLink

A W Edwards GoM Day

6 March 2020

Introductions and brunch at A W Edwards Pty Limited Northbridge Head Office - meeting with Directors and staff from various Departments

Site Visit / Tour at our Warrick Lane Construction Site, also meeting Site Management and Supervisory Staff on the project.

10 Students - Presbyterian Ladies College - Croydon, Sydney

2 Site / Services Engineer Chaperones & speakers

1 HR Manager

2 Design Managers

1 Director

Girls Exploring Engineering

Sydney – 11 March 2020
Organized by Bachy Soletanche, Menard Oceania, Freyssinet Australia


Introducing Grade 9 to 11 (15 to17 years) high school girls to the world of engineering within the specialised techniques offered by the various businesses. This includes but are not limited to deep foundations, geotechnical piling, soil improvement, post tensioning.

We will be targeting public high schools (20 pupils) in areas which will normally not have the opportunities to introduce their pupils to engineering.

Our morning program will include interactive practical sessions where female engineers employed by the various businesses talk to their passion and career path in engineering.

Our female engineers cover various roles e.g. graduate engineer, site and project management, estimations, business development and a managing director.

Our morning will conclude with a lunch and an expression of interest from the girls with whom we can then build a career relationship with.


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